5 Reasons to Visit a Family Dentist

5 Reasons to See a Family Dentist

When it comes to dentistry, one of the biggest decisions you will make is the type of dentist you choose. Certain dentists may focus more on one area of dentistry, such as cosmetic dentistry or pediatric dentistry. Others may provide a range of services in a single location. Some may also focus exclusively on only children or only adults. These are all important things to consider when you are choosing the best dentist for you. 

Choosing the right dentist can be further complicated when you have to choose a dentist for both you and your family. Luckily, there is a certain type of general dentist that can accommodate both children and adults in the same dental office. These general dentists are known as family dentists, because they are commonly visited by entire families. If you are looking for a new dentist for you and your family, here are five reasons to visit a family dentist: 

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Understands Your Oral Health

By seeing both you and your family, family dentists quickly become familiar with the oral health of their patients. There is even more familiarity in cases where the patient has seen the same family dentist from childhood to adulthood. Not only that, but visiting one office for all your family’s dental care needs means that all their dental records and x-rays are in one place. This prevents things from getting lost and makes things easier to access if needed. 

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Personal Care

Family dentists are not your average general dentist. Family dentists take joy in seeing different generations and providing them with family-oriented care. Family dentists understand the value of both dental care and family, and these principles are reflected in the way they provide dental services to you and your family. 

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Saves You Time

Nowadays, many people lead busy lives and having a family just makes things busier. To make your life easier, family dentists allow you to visit a single location for all your family’s dental care needs. They may even allow you to schedule multiple appointments for your family members all on the same day. That way you can get everyone’s dental appointments done in one place in one day. 

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Comprehensive Dentistry

Part of saving you and your family time by having you visit a single dental office means providing a range of dental services. Family dentists have dental training that allows them to provide dental services for children, adults, and seniors. They can also perform different speciality treatments such as periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics. This allows them to meet your entire family’s dental needs.  

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Benefits Your Child’s Oral Health

Children who have to visit the dentist on their own can be quite nervous. However, visiting the dentist with their family can make them feel more secure. Seeing their parents receive a dental exam and cleaning can also prepare them for their own appointment. Not to mention that regular dental visits as a family teaches your children a valuable dental habit that they can continue for the rest of their life. 

Overall, if you have a family and are looking for your next general dentist, you will want to consider visiting a family dentist. Family dentists understand your families oral health, provide personalized care, saves you time, offers comprehensive dental services, and can benefit your children’s oral health. Choosing the best dentist for you and your family can be quite a challenge, but seeing a family dentist can make things much easier. 

Dr. Michael C. Shuck received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the Medical College of Virginia, Cum Laude. He takes part in many volunteer outreach events, including Virginia’s Mission of Mercy project, Virginia Special Olympics, Give Kids a Smile, and the Jamaica Project. Dr. Shuck also is a regular volunteer at Williamsburg’s Olde Towne Medical Center. He actively participates with Virginia’s Donated Dental Service. Dr. Shuck has been a practicing dentist in the Williamsburg, Virginia area since 2007.