7 Signs That Make for the Best Dentist

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Have you recently moved to a new area? Are you not satisfied with your current dentist? Have you found yourself looking for a new dentist? As with most things, dentists tend to be very different from one another. Other than the simple fact that every dentist holds a DDS or DMD degree, every dentist is different. 

However, there are certain things that can set some dentists apart from the rest. While most dentists can provide dental services, the best dentists offer their patients so much more. When searching for a new dentist, you will want to look for the seven signs that make for the best dentist: 

Dental exam room that is very clean

Has a Clean Office

One of the first things to look for is a clean office. Not only do clean dental offices look nicer, but they are safer as well. Dental offices that are unorganized or that have random tools lying around are more likely to have problems with hygiene and sanitation. Ideally, you want a dental office that is meticulous about organization and sanitation. 

Friendly Support Staff

In addition to a clean office, the best dentists also have support staff that are friendly and helpful. Remember, you will be dealing with the support staff to make appointments, deal with payment, and many other things. The support staff should also maintain contact with you between appointments. For example, sending reminders to schedule your dental appointment. They may even call you after a procedure to ensure everything is going well. 


The best dentists are respectful of their patients. This means that they will be punctual and maintain short wait times because they respect your time. They will also provide payment options because they respect your budget. 


A great dentist is a personable dentist. They will make you feel like an actual person rather than just another thing on their to do list. Personable dentists genuinely care about their patients as individuals and take the time to make them feel at ease during dental appointments. 

Takes Their Time

Dentists that take their time don’t only help their patients feel more relaxed, but they are able to provide patients with a better overall experience. You should never feel like you are being rushed out of their office or like they are rushing to complete your treatment. It is important that you feel like you have time to discuss your concerns and if you have dental anxiety, it is important that your dentist takes the time to make things as easy as possible for you. 

Dentist and patient talking


Your dentist should also listen to you. A dentist that actively listens to your concerns is not only showing you respect, but that they value your input about your oral health. Additionally, listening to patient’s concerns can sometimes be a major factor in diagnosing dental issues. 

Not a Salesman

Last, but certainly not least, your dentist should not be a salesman. This means that they should not be trying to convince you to do treatments that you never asked for and have no positive effect on your oral health. A good dentist will never recommend more dental treatments than absolutely necessary. 

Overall, these seven signs indicate that you have found one of the best dentists. As a dental patient, you should never have to feel like you are settling for just any dentist. By looking for these seven signs, you will be able to find the best dentist for your oral health. At the end of the day, you deserve a dentist that can offer you more than simply dental services. You deserve the best dentist. 

 Michael C. Shuck graduated from the College of William and Mary with a bachelor of science in Biology. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the Medical College of Virginia, Cum Laude. He takes part in many volunteer outreach events, including Virginia’s Mission of Mercy project, Virginia Special Olympics, Give Kids a Smile, and the Jamaica Project. Dr. Shuck also is a regular volunteer at Williamsburg’s Olde Towne Medical Center. He actively participates with Virginia’s Donated Dental Service. Dr. Shuck has been a practicing dentist in the Williamsburg, Virginia area since 2007.