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iTero® digital scanners are minimally-invasive imaging tools that allow our dentists to obtain valuable information about your mouth for orthodontic and restorative treatment. With iTero, gooey dental impressions are a thing of the past. By just scanning the inside of your mouth, a detailed 3-D image detailing your teeth and surrounding soft tissues can be obtained in a matter of seconds. This digital image is then used to provide treatment information, as well as to be used for the fabrication of orthodontic aligners or dental restorations.

Did You Know?

Although iTero scanners take multiple pictures of your mouth, these multiple images are converted into one, highly detailed image of your teeth and surrounding soft tissues. On average, the iTero scanner can capture images at a rate of 2,000 frames per second.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for iTero?

iTero may be used on you if you are seeking orthodontic treatment or certain restoration procedures. iTero scanners are used in coordination with Invisalign® treatments to obtain images for aligner fabrication and to show the proposed treatment results. The images obtained by iTero scanners can also be used in the treatment planning stage of restorative dentistry. Some examples of restorative dentistry that may use iTero® scanners include: crowns, dental implants, and veneers.

What can I expect when being treated with iTero?

If an iTero scanner is used to obtain digital images of your teeth, mouth, and bite, you can expect to have a small, hand-held wand placed inside of your mouth. This wand will be moved around your mouth to take a variety of images in different locations and at different angles. The final product is a single image composed of all the information obtained by the various images.

Itero element scanner uses

-Occlusal guard
-Orthodontic retainers